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 Welcome to M2M Network, Version 4.0!

Since you're here I'm guessing that you're an M2M fan... if not take a look around the site and hopefully you'll know more about the talented girls of M2M!M2M is a norwegian duo from Lorenskog, Norway. Marion Raven(18) and Marit Larsen(19) have been best friends ever since they were 5 years old! When they were young they have always been singing for family and friends! All of their hard work lead to the making of their first english album "Shades Of Purple". Now their latest release, "The Big Room" has been released here in North America and last year in Asia. Not only are they great singers but both girls play instruments as well! Marit plays the guitar while Marion plays on her keyboards. Even though they look like complete opposites, they do everything together as two and have as much fun making music together!

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